Gonzo Shroom Stash Box

Made specifically for Gonzofest 2014. Earthenware and acrylic paint. The shroom cap is actually a lid, and the stalk has the top third as storage space. It's an ode to Hunter S. Thompson and his artistic partner in crime, Ralph Steadman. I'm proud to say, that it was displayed, sandwiched between two of Mr. Steadman's prints at OPEN gallery during Gonzofest 2014.

Shroom Cap (underside view)

Underside of shroom cap was painted with Steadman style bats and eye.

Ode to "Spirit of Gonzo".

If you do a Google search of "Spirit of Gonzo" by Ralph Steadman, you'll find my inspiration for the top to my shroom.

Shroom Stalk

Stalk, complete with 6 fingered freak fist holding a peyote button, that was so associated with Hunter S. Thompson. It first appeared on campaign posters designed by artist Tom Benton, for Hunter's run for Sheriff of Aspen, Colorado in 1970. There are also 2 Fleur Di Lis on the stalk as a nod to Hunter's Louisville roots. I chose black to refer to the ink used to write Hunter's words.

Storage Compartment

Inside view of the stalk's storage area. At the bottom is another type of Steadman style bat. I call it an "ink blot bat".

Between the Steadmans!

My little shroom, nestled proudly between two genuine and signed Steadman prints!

© 2014 Tracy Parker.