About the Artist

Greetings! I'm Tracy Parker, and I'd like to welcome you to my site. Thanks for stopping by!

I'm a Louisville, Ky based artist of many talents. I exhibit locally in various galleries, tattoo parlors, and dive bars.

I have a background in commercial art, and studio photography. I do most of my photography in a non-studio setting these days though. Events, music venues, landmarks and architecture, and the occasional protest rally. I'm especially fond of nature and macro photography.

I was fortunate enough to stumble into apprenticing ceramics with world renowned Master Potter, Melvin Rowe. I apprenticed with Melvin for a little over 6 years at his studio, Pottery Rowe, on historic Frankfort Avenue, here in Louisville. In the Summer of 2014 however, after over 30yrs on Frankfort Ave., Melvin decided to scale back all Pottery Rowe operations to his personal ranch in Henry County, Ky.

After repeatedly hearing that a lot of my photo manipulations were very fractal in appearance, and because I was basically clueless as to what fractals were, I began researching them. I found an old documentary on YouTube from 1995 called "Colors of Infinity". It was hosted by the famous science fiction writer, Sir Arthur C. Clarke. It pretty much blew my mind. I learned how Benoit Mandelbrot was able to give visual life to mathematical equations using computers. During this research, I came across fractal art made with a program called "Mandelbulb 3D". It opened up a whole new artistic outlet for me. Most of my fractal art is made with the Mandelbulb 3D fractal rendering software.

I'm currently a student in the Code Louisville program. I built this site under the guidance of their mentors, and the teamtreehouse.com staff.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all those who shared their knowledge and creativity with me over the years. The pride in my accomplishments belongs to you as well. Thank you!

© 2014 Tracy Parker.