Fire Tower at Henryville Forestry

I grew up in Sellersburg IN, not far from the forestry in Henryville. We spent a lot of time there growing up. Did things in the fire tower as teens that we weren't supposed to. Which means that when I realized there was a pink bra caught between the branches of the tree in this shot...I was not surprised.

Tree Root Monster

Taken at Henryville Forestry.

Mellwood Art Center

The old Fischer's "Mellwood Bacon" plant that was turned into an art's center in Louisville, KY.

Target Shooting At Raintree

Melvin Rowe getting in some practice at Raintree Ranch. Took me several tries before I was able to get the arrow still in the shot.

Punk Pup and Her Dude

Frankfort Ave. Easter Day parade.

Snake At Muldraugh

I was wondering around the disc golf course at Muldraugh with my camera. It's pretty wooded. I just happened to turn my head right in time to see this little guy hanging in the bushes as I passed.

Gaurding The Sound Shack

Dog taking it easy in the doorway to the sound shack at Hippie Hill during the Surya Festival weekend.

Hippie Stuff

A dog keeps watch at a vendor stall at Hippie Hill during the Surya Festival weekend.

Floyd's Water Flowers

Taken at the Parklands of Floyd's Fork.

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